Looking for ways to create more revenue for your business?

During 2020 it’s become ever more important for businesses to look for ways to adapt and increase their revenue sources. We wanted to take a closer look at how flat packed SIP garden buildings can help you do this, and the benefits of making these changes now.

Business Premises

If you’re looking to start to practice your business from home, a garden room offers the perfect modern solution. You can build the flat pack kit yourself, and in most cases absolutely no planning permission is required! This means that if you need to start practising your trade outside the traditional business premises, you can have a space to use in no time at all. The garden rooms we have to offer can be completely individualised to your taste which gives you a unique space, perhaps using your brand colours to reflect your business.

How can you use this to gain more revenue for your business? One way is to use these garden rooms as remote offices for your business, giving your customers lots more options to visit in various locations. Another way is if you have been practising online only for a long time, providing a physical site for customers to visit can increase trustworthiness and help encourage higher conversion rates.

Wedding Venue

Create an absolutely stunning wedding venue with glamping pods. Station the garden rooms on any outdoor space and create a beautiful rustic feel, using the garden rooms for various activities such as a banquet hall or a serene suite for the bride to get ready. Because the garden rooms are created using SIP panels with high thermal values, you will be able to use them all year round comfortably.

How can this increase revenue? If you’ve already got the outdoor space but don’t feel as though it’s being utilised, it’s a logical choice. The wedding industry was worth an estimated £10 billion to the UK economy in 2018 (fact from www.bridebook.co.uk ), and is thriving as much today. Offering a stand-out wedding venue option is a great way to earn extra profit from your outdoor space.

Glamping Pods

The staycation boom is on it’s way. Why not help your business to benefit from it as much as possible? By investing in a garden room you can start to offer glamping pods in no time at all. This is a way to create an additional tier of accommodation which is easy to facilitate and yet can generate lots of other streams of profits in the form of additional services such as smart technology, maid services or pre-stocked food and drink.

By getting ahead of the curve and offering modern looking glamping pods as opposed to more traditional and dated buildings, you could become the first choice holiday spot for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers around the UK as staycations become the new norm. At Modular Sips, we can also provide trusted installers to make your job even easier!


For interior designers looking for a way to showcase their work, a garden room offers a space that can effectively act as a showroom. Constantly change up the colour schemes and finishes in order to reflect the furniture you’d like to highlight without having to invest in a large warehouse or use your own home. Not only is this a logical choice because of ease and affordability, but you will be ensuring that their will be no business interruptions as you can create your garden room in your very own back garden!

This is a perfect way to market your interior design skills in a professional way. A picture truly does say a thousand words, so showing prospective customers tastefully staged furniture can go a long way in driving up sales. You can also offer showroom tours which give your business an extra point of contact, making your establishment more trustworthy and ultimately increasing revenue.


In summary, there are endless ways to make sure your business adapts and increases revenue using Garden Rooms. Our best advice is to get creative! Our buildings are high quality, able to built by the DIY lover or a trusted installer, can be used all year round and are a sustainable choice. They are suited for hundreds of uses and can be purchased in a huge range of sizes to give you the room you need.

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